“Letters to Her resonates with the message that finding my true purpose is relational. From the beginning to the end, the reader is mesmerized by the call and challenge to develop a deeper relationship with the Creator to find one’s true purpose. Each letter takes the reader to a place that is captivating and fulfilling that one does not want to put the book down. This is a must read and makes a great Bible Study and Women’s Ministry Study. Letters to Her is indeed a journey into purpose and fulfillment. To God be the Glory!

--Apostle Addie Rawls, Pastor,

New Generation Christian Church,

Smithfield, N.C.

“Letters to Her is a book that will empower and encourage women of all ages and change the lives of families...A Proverbs 31 Woman is not a perfect woman, but a woman that is committed to serving a perfect God. Jennifer is an example of that woman, and one who is a servant leader. Forever grateful for this book of blessings.

--Gail Perry-Mason

Senior Director-Investments, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

Author of Girl, Make Your Money Grow!: A Sister’s Guide to Protecting Your Future and Enriching Your Life

“Letters to Her is a concise and challenging, but very pragmatic, read. Jennifer is not shy about discussing the difficult issues facing all women, married or single. Each chapter ends with some thought-provoking questions and a brief prayer. This is an excellent study for both the individual or small group.”

--Kevin Drake, M.Div., Th.M., Senior Pastor,

Hephzibah Baptist Church, Princeton N.C.

and Professor of Biblical Languages

“In reading the new book by Jennifer, Letters to Her, women from all walks of life can see the important lessons that she learned and how each challenge made her stronger. It is a beautiful encounter with the challenges that women face, and how each one is part of what makes their character. The greatest thing is that she always has her creator - God, in mind. With His guidance and protection, anything is possible. Upon reading Letters to Her, it shows how all women, both young and old, can have a closer walk with God.

--Leon and Emma Mullens

Pastor and First Lady of Church of Christ, River Rouge, Mich.

“Jennifer speaks to ALL of us from a place of humility, love, and compassion. Her words have impact because they are pregnant with sincerity and truth. As I read her Letters, I could feel her presence beside me-urging me on, telling me, ‘You can do it.’ Her words gave me hope and lift.”

--Brian Diver, Associate Pastor,

King’s Park International Church, Durham, N.C.

“My inquisitiveness made me pick up the book and explore Letters to Her. I asked, ‘What about Letters to Him?’ Through my reading of this discourse into purpose, I seek my own fulfillment in God and I challenge the author to write a sequel that will also challenge young men to have their steps ordered by God. This book is transformational.”

--Elder Marvin E. Rawls

New Generation Christian Church,

Smithfield, N.C.